At SolveAssist, we think computers should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we provide complete packages for business computing. We’ll send you a fully set-up computer (including Microsoft Office 2010, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and our bespoke backup software), monitor, keyboard and mouse, and include 24/7 technical support.

I’m just starting up.

We can help you. We know that cash is limited in the early days of establishing a company: you don’t have capital to throw at expensive machines. Leasing is an option, but it’s a minefield of credit searches and variable interest fees. If you’re just getting set up, you need to focus on growing your business, not complex capital expenditure forecasts.

We’ll get you set up, providing the hardware you need and all the support to keep you in operation. As you grow, you can seamlessly add more hardware to your plan, without skipping a beat in the services we provide. We’ll even include our bespoke backup software, to make sure all company records are safely stored for future use.

If you’re just getting started, you want a solid foundation. SolveAssist can help.

I’m part of a small business.

Small businesses are hardly strangers to the ebb and flow of capital. As projects and clients rotate, it’s tough to keep the cash flowing consistently. Employee wages, rental, bills: it all adds up, with worrying regularity.

Rather than refreshing your computing infrastructure from your own pocket – from a few PCs to a whole office full of them – SolveAssist’s flat-rate monthly payment scheme liberates excess capital for infrastructure investment or growth plan purchases. At the same time, it rids you of the ‘IT guy’ to whom you’re outsourcing your computer problems, cutting your running costs. We’ll provide everything you need to get started, and support you all day, every day if you run in to trouble.

We’ll also make sure your small business accounts are protected. Small businesses – who don’t have the money to spend on expensive commercial anti-virus licences – are at risk from cyber-attack by enterprising hackers. If they get a copy of your internal accounts, bank statements or website account details, there’s little they couldn’t do to your business. SolveAssist’s monthly plan includes cutting-edge anti-malware software from Malwarebytes, which uses sophisticated protection methods to keep your data secure. It’s non-intrusive, easily configurable and, like everything we provide, eligible for our 24/7 support.

I’m part of a large business.

We know that tactical deployment of new technology can sap valuable decision-making time from strategic discussions. If you recognise the need to take your business model forward, a partnership with SolveAssist allows you to completely outsource your IT division. We have a track record of providing incredible service to top-flight clients: we can meet your hardware requirements, technical assistance and e-Security needs without instruction, because we know what great companies need to function efficiently.

We’ll also provide a full version of Microsoft Office 2010 on each computer covered by your payment plan. Licensing the Office suite can be hugely expensive for larger organisations: providing a local copy is often cheaper in the long run. And, it’s completely compatible with our enterprise-level bespoke backup system, which will automatically keep redundant copies of company records in a secure environment.

What’s the cost?

We keep our payment plans simple, so you can factor our service into cashflow forecasts easily. There are no set-up fees and no deposits: great news, if you’re strapped for capital (or just want to try us out on a small scale). All of our services are included in our flat rate – there’s no tiering – so you can be assured of top-tier service provision. We offer significant reductions for multiple simultaneous contracts. Why not get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

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