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Most helpful IT company!


They are without any question one of the most help IT companies I have dealt with. definitely a recommendation from me

by Garry Webb from Advanced Building Concepts

Mobile Phones


Unlimited calls and auto forwarding services when not available. Was previously with Orange where I took out their foreign travel package and after three weeks in Egypt received a telephone bill for £3873.24. Upon my return I was advised to contact SolveAssist who obtained a £3,426.00 credit for me. Well chuffed !!!

by Jamie Coulson from Dependable Taxi
Owner of Black Cab Taxi in Liverpool

Can’t do without the peace of mind


We all need to use computers these days but we are not always computer experts at solving unexpected crises. The amount of times I have wanted to throw my computer out of the window in sheer frustration exceed counting on my fingers. Since I get help and amazing support from SolveAssist I can concentrate on my work and what I am best at. I could not recommend this company highly enough. They have always been fantastic, fast and friendly.

by Alain Rouveure from Alain Rouveure Galleries
Based in the English Cotswolds Alain Rouveure has been traveling to the Himalayas since 1979 helping and developing traditionals arts and crafts from Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. His Galleries promote talented and helps craftsmen and women from the damaging effect of poor production aimed at tourists. The "Alain Rouveure Nepal Fund" supports charitable projects especially education and health of disadvantaged children in Nepal.

Highly recommended!


“I would highly recommend “SolveAssist” for all your computer needs. They provide a fast, efficient and friendly service and no problem is too big or small, you will always get the best expert help to solve any issues you may have. Thank you” Lisa Bryan

by Lisa Bryan from Shipston Townsend Hall

Great service!


I can highly recommend SolveAssist for its very competitive prices and brilliant support. Don’t know what I’d do without them!

by Helen Morris

Not bad


Everything was setup correclty but when all the products were delivered one of the ethernet cables was damaged out of the box. I cotacted them to replace it and took them 2 days to come an do that. 2 days to slow in my opinion. Overall everyhting else was good.

by Kevin S. SolveAssist Reply: Ethernet cable was damaged through manufacturer - it was brand new. We apologize about the delay but your location is out of the country. Our business typically functions on a more local-basis.
I work in IT department for a large company specializing in refrigeration.

Good somethings never change!


SolveAssist served me so well with my previous company they were the first supplier on my list for my new company. With a clean sheet I am able to manage my property portfolio all the bills and invoices using our new computer system, it helps me do my accounting and reporting meaning I can concentrate on learning and developing my new interests in Property Rental.

by Robert Bishop from Vilintone Limited.
Serial Entrepreneur

Trouble Free Value for Money


We are a group company and not a priority with our IT department and without the finance within my budget to change. Solveassist became the answer! Reliable communications  have enabled me to outpace our competitors. The decision to engage Solvassist has been the single biggest factor in coping with a recession and improving our bottom line. Although the initial setup was difficult all problems were resolved. Cannot recommend Solveassist enough.

by David Hands from Reddiplex Group Logistics Ltd.
Logistics Director with responsibility for the national distribution of Group Products.

Reports & Statistics I can trust!


We discovered SolveAssist as they were specializing in our industry and how right they were! Communications, correct reporting and promptly presented in the format we require is paramount to our day to day Rental Business. Our ‘in house ‘ IT department which has always been suspect is no more and the changeover was seamless, no more computer problems just great service.

by Jim Noble from Target Vehicle Rentals Ltd.
CEO, Midlands Based Vehicle Rental Company.

Simplicity is Profit.


I have replaced my whole IT department (which was becoming our fastest growing department) with SolveAssist. My payroll has benefited enormously and I get answers I can understand & trust.
We can now get on with looking after our 1,200 customers with confidence.

Sales Director.
Newtown Vehicle Rentals Ltd.

by John Nerding from Newtown Vehicle Rentals Ltd.
Sales Director, of a Truck & Van rental Company currently operating over 8,500 vehicles and a Fleet News Top 50 Company. For thirty years Newtown Vehicle Rentals has been providing cost effective, quality vehicle hire solutions for every kind of business and industry. By precisely meeting the needs of its customers and quickly responding to market changes, Newtown has grown to become one of the leading independently owned vehicle hire companies in the UK. a

SolveAssist gets a 10/10 for being a fast, helpful and easy to use service!


For me, compared to other computer service companies, Solve Assist ranks highest for price and support, I give them 10/10 for being a fast, helpful and easy to use service that lives up to its reputation having replaced 3 of my computers using Solve Assist.

Also, the daily backups are truly a lifeline and have helped me recover data by going above and beyond the call. I recently had to re-install my operating system and was looking forward to getting the data back in working order. That’s why I signed up for Solve Assist’s service in the first place; I refresh my OS at least once a year, whether it needs it or not and my previous backup methods were always less than pristine.

On top of all that, the technical support is excellent and only a phone call away. The whole package comes highly recommended.

Thank you so much,
Raymond Cowie

by Raymond Cowie Ray is one of our more technical users that is knowledgeable and understands computers but wanted to use our service because of the computer leasing aspect that includes award winning antivirus and our cloud backup protection, our cloud backup's have saved Ray from losing all his files on more than one occasion and Ray says it's already paid for itself.

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube I recommend SolveAssist for businesses looking for a new computer system for a monthly premium.


I cannot recommend SolveAssist enough they replaced my old computer system with new laptops that included mobile internet allowing us to use internet explorer and outlook when we are at customers premises. If your a small business and want to save costs and improve your efficiency solve assist is the way to go!

by David Garrett from Garrett Consultants Business who visit their customers on site often require a laptop that lightweight, decent performance and excellent battery life - we we're able to offer this to David with added mobile broadband built into the laptop so wherever he is in the country he has access to his e-mails, skype and can email quotations to customers on-site. SolveAssist provided the laptops with unlimited mobile data included.
David Garrett runs his own consultancy business specialising in the hotel & leisure industry, he needed ultra portable laptops with mobile broadband so he could provide his expertise on-site at the customers premises.

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube Now have hassle free computing at under £1 a day… well worth it guys!


My old XP computer blew up after hearing about SolveAssist I gave them a phone call to see what deal they could do, not being the most technical guy I was often having to get computer wizards in to fix problems costing £40 a call or often more, now I’ve got a new computer with all the help I need at a cheap cost, well worth it.

by David from Business Owner
SolveAssist Reply: David runs his home business and relies on his computer for e-mails, accounting and much more, having an unreliable dated computer cost him time and money, now David doesn't need to worry about his computer as its brand new and he gets 24x7 support all included for one monthly fee.

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