Telecomm Services

Communication is the key to any thriving business. Without completely reliable means of contact even the strongest of businesses can fall down, regardless of how well every other aspect functions. With people running low on time, in this day and age, it is important that they can get quick answers over the phone or via e-mail. If your phone line is busy and doesn’t have a reliable answering service, then they will move onto the next business on their list. If your broadband is slow and e-mails are being left unanswered, then that customer is going to deal with somebody else instead.

It is not just the reliability that matters to a business though, it is the costs involved too. It’s no good having an incredible telephone and broadband service if the cost is going to drag your business under. Striking the right balance between incredible service, reliability and price can be difficult for business owners.

SolveAssist provides business telephone and broadband services that aims to strike that balance, perfectly. It means you can concentrate on running your business the way you want to, without the worry of your communication methods costing you a fortune, or failing when you need them most. Find out how we can ensure you are always reachable, without breaking the bank.

Business Telephone

Simple Telephone

While competitors in the business telephone industry over complicate their services by asking potential customers numerous and often technical questions, SolveAssist enables companies to get a quote by answering two simple questions: how many telephone numbers they need access to, and how many telephones they need. We then decide upon the ideal solution for the customer.

Business Broadband

Reliable Broadband

Broadband is as critical as telephones in this modern world, replying to emails, ordering from suppliers. SolveAssist can supply high quality and consistent broadband connection at high speed. The best possible connection for your business with unlimited data allowance, no fair usage. Unlike the big telecomm suppliers we are always at the end of a telephone call and can resolve issues fast and efficiently.

Business Mobile

Reliable Mobile

We have excellent business mobile contracts available that represent amazing value for money. A major benefit of business mobile is it allows for free calls between your organisations mobile numbers at absolutely no additional cost. All of our plans include a generous amount of data and coverage on both 3G and 4G. Get a personal touch and dedicated mobile accounts manager who can help tailor a business mobile package with the latest handsets available.

Mobile Broadband

Internet Everywhere

Get internet everywhere with SolveAssist’s mobile broadband packages, this includes data usage in Europe. We can supply Mobile Routers or Dongles so you can have internet anywhere, this is ideal for those who require internet while traveling or want a faster connection than traditional fixed lines can deliver. We have packages for all data requirements including unmetered UK packages available both on 3G and 4G (when available)

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