Business Telephone

Business Telephone

Large or small we can simplify your telephone systems at the same time reducing cost.

Bringing back the simple business telephone

It’s important for any business to establish and maintain both good relations and easy contacts with all their current and potential customers.

Here are two key questions to consider:

  • How much could an unreliable telephone system already be costing your business? Such losses can be caused first by annoying and then losing the key people you already do business with. Or when potential customers find themselves unable to contact you when they want to, they may well contact another company
  • How much more is your current telephone package costing you than it should? Our customers often tell us they make substantial savings by using our service rather than their previous supplier

If, no matter the size of your business, you are already suffering these problems – or are just about to set up and start your own company – we appreciate that ensuring effective communications can be a complicated business at times. Here at SolveAssist we believe that it doesn’t have to be.

We provide the chance to keep it as uncomplicated as you wish with our new and unique Simple Business Telephone package. You only have to make a couple of quick choices and then let us know by completing our Build A Quote option…

Decision One: Consider how many telephone numbers you need to have available

You might wish to direct all your business traffic though a single number. Alternatively, you may prefer to provide separate contacts for your key functions or departments. It’s possible that you’d prefer to provide a direct line number for each member of your team – or for key functions e.g. sales, customer service, delivery. With your SolveAssist Simple Business Telephone package we always work to the specifications you provide.

Decision Two: Decide how many actual telephones you require

Having assessed your number requirements and knowing your staffing levels you can quickly assess how many actual telephone units you’ll want us to supply to you.

It’s time to Build Your Quote

Using the information you’ve gathered, it will take no more than a couple of minutes to access and complete our easy six-step Build A Quote tool. Once you’ve provided the key information we need, we’ll quickly respond with a clear, obligation-free quotation to provide both telephone numbers and units – and then be happy to discuss in more detail how best we can provide the professional and hassle-free service you require.

Powerful reasons for using SolveAssist’s Simple Telephone Package

Having seen how easy it is to set up the package that best suits your business, you’ll want to be clear about the terrific advantages from doing so:

  •  All the hardware you require is included in your low single flat rate monthly fee. So, no hidden “extras”, as you always know the fixed cost
  •  We believe our business telephone service offers the best value for money deal in the marketplace (with up to 50% savings compared to the standard costs charged by BT)
  •  You’ll be able to access our friendly, knowledgeable and professional Technical Support Team every single moment, 24-hours a day
  •  Free line transfers form a standard part of your package
  •  It’s simple to manage both your telephone numbers and lines from our user friendly Control Panel
  • No confusing wording such as ISDN, Sip Trunks, VOIP, IP Telephony, we simply provide you with the service and features you want at the price.

Setting SolveAssist to work on your behalf

If you are ready to both simplify the management of your telephone system and make some vital cash savings, it’s time to take a few moments to complete our Build A Quote tool. Soon, we can be working with you to help manage one of the essential communication tools of your business.

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