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Get unlimited 24/7 technical support for cheaper than your daily coffee. No more expensive IT callouts or time lost to computer problems.

All businesses are different but they’re all of the same mind when it comes to depending on IT systems – surprises are never a good thing. With ComputerCare from SolveAssist you’re guaranteed a cost-effective, time saving, on demand solution, tailored to your specific business needs.

Our ComputerCare package is ideal for a range of business requirements, whether you’re looking to save money on IT maintenance, employment and call out costs, or just don’t have the space to set up your own on-site IT team. For a small monthly fee your business can benefit from 24/7, unlimited access to SolveAssist’s experienced professionals, and allow ComputerCare to become the dedicated IT department you can depend on – exactly when you need it.

At SolveAssist we know there’s more to smooth running IT systems than simply fixing issues when they arise, which is why we include a comprehensive maintenance service as part of our package. From individual computers to servers and networks, we ensure that your systems are fine-tuned for optimum business efficiency from the start.

Are your computer problems costing you time and money?

A ComputerCare Plan means your looked after with 24/7 inclusive technical support.

From fixing hardware and backing up your data online to optimising your current systems and implementing preventative processes, a subscription to ComputerCare from SolveAssist is the perfect addition to any business without its own IT department.

Unlimited support, offered at any hour of the day, provides the basis for business to move forward without the distraction of IT issues. Spend more time focussing on running your business and spend less money on costly individual callouts or full-time, on-site IT employment.

For only a small monthly fee, our ComputerCare package offers a total solution for your entire IT needs, and more than that you can count SolveAssist as your dedicated IT department, and they won’t even take up any extra desk space.

Some benefits of using ComputerCare

  • Complete Comprehensive IT Coverage
  • Existing Computer & Server Support
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Unbeatable on Price for Service
  • Available 24/7
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Core Benefits of a ComputerCare Plan

24/7 Technical Support

A ComputerCare Plan guarantees 24/7 technical assistance and preventive maintenance on all your computers and equipment. Included in the monthly plan is unlimited computer assistance. Compared to traditional providers that charge per problem it’s all inclusive.

Existing Hardware Support

ComputerCare is designed to support existing hardware, be it Desktops, Servers or Network Equipment. Instead of paying per problem they are all covered under our support plan ensuring no unexpected repair bills or days wait for computer repairs.

Antivirus & Optimization

Once you become a customer the first thing SolveAssist will do is analyze and optimize your computer to ensure optimum performance. We will do a clean and optimization and also install award winning antivirus to ensure your systems are protected.

Cloud Backup

What good is a fast computer if all your data is corrupted and lost? It’s enough to ruin a business. We ensure your important data such as documents and other files are backed up to the cloud and can be restored in the event of a disaster.

Introducing ComputerCare from SolveAssist

With this innovative package, for a set monthly fee, you gain access to two terrific and instant resources whenever computer problems arise:
  • Completely unlimited remote support requests
  • A 24/7 telephone support line when only talking to an expert will do
  • Free Technical Support via Phone or Email

Save yourself time

Concentrate on running your business. All ComputerCare subscribers benefit from an initial optimisation service. Our analysts ensure that your systems are performing at their optimum level, leaving you free to respond to real business pressures without the burden of evaluating your existing infrastructure’s effectiveness for yourself. This process is completed by a system clean-up and the installation of award winning antivirus software to ensure that your systems remain protected once enhanced.

Technical IT issues can present themselves in a number of ways, and with varying impact on your business. Aside from the desired functioning of your business as a whole, they can provide an unwelcome distraction from other important tasks, often overlooked when the disruption of normal working practice occurs. With ComputerCare to rely on, you and your business can continue working, safe in the knowledge that solutions to unforeseen critical issues will be delivered as quickly as they appear.

Don’t spend unnecessary time searching for reputable professionals in your area, come direct to a company whose reputation and experience precedes it. At SolveAssist we’re committed to providing an unbeatable service for price, whether you’re just starting in business or are already established as a small or large business. Whatever size your business and IT system, we’ve got the tailored solution for you.

Save your business money

IT consultation can be costly and employing a full-time, on-site team or IT manager can be even more expensive. What’s more, many businesses suffer from wasted investment by employing IT professionals that are only required intermittently, as and when issues arise. For a fraction of these costs you can access a dedicated IT department, from as little as 30p a day.

ComputerCare supports all of your existing hardware, from computers and servers to network equipment. Expanding IT systems offers great opportunities for outward looking businesses, but as always with advancements and expansions there are new opportunities for issues and problems to embed themselves – but that shouldn’t put you off. With ComputerCare you can implement and utilise your IT systems with confidence, regardless of size or complexity, and do so without worrying about any hidden costs. Instead of paying for support on an issue by issue basis, everything is covered under our comprehensive support plan.

Many businesses don’t have the space or the budget to accommodate an on-site IT team and we’re here to make sure that they don’t have to. There are no more unexpected repair bills to factor into your budget and no contingency funds to set aside ‘just in case’ – just one small monthly payment of £8.95 for each registered computer.

As well as guarding against the hidden costs of ad hoc, short notice consultation, we are able to build a relationship with you and your business. From our initial assessments, we will be able to make meaningful contributions to improving ineffective systems and understanding the way your business works. All this means that we’ll spend more of our time solving your problems rather than working out what they are. Take risk out of the equation with our comprehensive service plan, and think of us as your insurance policy against the hidden costs of running complex IT systems.

Reduce downtime

Your IT systems should work as hard for your business as you do. Offering immediate and effective solutions, ComputerCare ensures that this is the case. Contact us by phone or email for quick fixes to crashed computers, swift solutions to networks not working, and a reason to look up when the server’s down.

It’s not only your productivity that can be affected by failing IT systems. Paying staff to work on, and with, systems that are not working undermines the efficiency of your entire business. With ComputerCare you can be assured that downtime is significantly lowered and remains so. Compared with the security offered by our complete IT solution, and for only a small monthly fee, can your business really afford to risk running below maximum efficiency?

Unlimited 24/7 support

While standard IT departments take lunch, annual leave and clock off for the evening and weekends ComputerCare provides unlimited 24/7 technical support. Any assistance required at any hour of the day, and on any day of the week, can be delivered swiftly and with confidence, ensuring that the decision to call it a day rests with you, not your IT systems.

It’s always the same, issues seem to arise at the most inconvenient times, but that needn’t be a problem with SolveAssist on hand. No time is inconvenient to us. We understand that business is a 24/7 commitment, so whenever an issue presents itself you can be sure that we will be there to assist you and solve it.

They say “bad luck comes in threes”, but with our unlimited service it doesn’t matter if it comes in tens and hundreds. Our ComputerCare plan guarantees technical assistance and preventive maintenance on all your computers and equipment, regardless of how many issues require supporting. It offers true peace of mind for rapid resolutions against multiple malfunctions, as well as a huge saving over calling on external IT technicians that fix and charge individually per issue.

Access to expertise

At SolveAssist we’ve built up a team of IT professionals with a great range of expertise. This allows us to pool the knowledge of all our technicians, meaning that our combined know-how provides greater qualified judgment than that of a sole IT manager.

We have experts from an array of specialisms that offer great insight into both restorative and preventative processes across every aspect of your system, not only when things break, but ensuring that things runs as smoothly, efficiently and productively as they can for you.

Not everyone is a tech whiz, that’s why our staff can explain your issues and their solutions in a way that helps users of any IT proficiency to understand and communicate their requirements better. For as little as £8.95 a month your business can benefit from unlimited access to this wealth of helpful industry expertise. Whether it’s a blue screen greeting you on Monday morning or that the only networks your staff can access are their social ones, SolveAssist have the expertise to tackle any issue, any time.

Total security

Though the majority of major issues can be planned for, it’s not always enough to rely completely on preventative measures to ensure your important data is secure. Sometimes things will break, and it’s then that you’ll need a safe, externally stored version of your most critical documents and records. Using award winning software and cloud backup we ensure that in the event of a disaster we’ll be there as the first step of recovery.

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