The Complete Computing Package

Computing 365, the truly complete, all-in-one business computing package. Get a brand new computer, software & more with 24/7 technical support all included for one monthly fee.

Whether your business is large or small, just starting out or is already well established, your need for computing and IT services will develop and change over a period of time. The acquisition of hardware can represent significant expenditure. Software licenses often cost as much as hardware and can increase over time. The cost of paying for repairs and technical assistance per call out can run into thousands or employing or training a permanent IT manager to run the computing department can be considerable once you take into consideration the hardware, software, and wages.

Now, thanks to SolveAssist, you can get a complete solution tailored to your business at a fraction of the normal cost. Welcome to Computing 365, the truly complete, all-in-one business computing package.

The ultimate business computing package. Everything is included.

Brand new business computer bundled with Office & Antivirus with 24/7 Support and Cloud Backup.

Brand New Computer

We will provide you with a brand new fully loaded Desktop PC or Laptop for your business, fast and state of the art hardware ensures they are fast and don’t crash. Running on the latest version of Windows.

24/7 Technical Support

We become your IT department any and all technical problems you have we will resolve at no extra cost, we are available 24/7 to solve your computer problems.

Latest Office & Antivirus

No more spending £100’s on software licenses. We provide Microsoft Office and award winning Antivirus for your computer fully licensed. No more worrying about license renewals or out of date software, you get the latest software included.

Cloud Backup

What would happen if all your important documents were lost? Your accounts gone? Invoices corrupted? Never worry again about computer disasters with SolveAssist your data is backed up securely to the Cloud.

All of this for one monthly tax deductible fee

We provide a professionally configured business computer fully loaded with the latest version of Microsoft Office and Antivirus combined with Cloud Backup to ensure your important documents and files are protected with unbeatable 24/7 technical support offering unlimited assistance with any problems you have means we become your Virtual IT department so you no longer have to worry about problems with computers, or slow computers you can concentrate on running your business knowing your computers are being looked after and should any problem arise we are only a phone call away.

No more spending out on slow computers, software or IT repairs.

We won’t be beaten on price or service.

A lot of providers offer computer support contracts, however they at first may appear cheap but they rely on you purchasing the hardware at inflated prices from them, and often have expensive call out charges and everything is an extra. You will never have that worry with SolveAssist we provide a complete service, no additional extra’s, no unforeseen repair costs or computer upgrades because the support is inclusive and the hardware is always brand new and updated every 24 months it means your business can run smoothly.

  • Brand new, fully supported state-of-the-art computers
  • 24/7 Technical Assistance included in pricing, your own IT department.
  • Fully licensed software, including Microsoft Office, award winning antivirus, etc.
  • Protection against viruses and loss of data
  • No setup fees; no deposits
  • Tax deductible
A very important business decision, can you afford not to?

For less than the cost of one invoice from a traditional IT technician for ONE problem you could have had a brand new computer with the latest software, antivirus and cloud backup and unlimited 24/7 technical support with brand new computers every 24 months. Not only do you save thousands on computers & software, you’ll save thousands of pounds per year on IT support as everything is included. All this for less than the cost of one visit to repair one problem from an IT technician, can you really afford not to?

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State of the art hardware and software

Despite the low cost of Computing 365, at SolveAssist, we believe in providing brand new, fully maintained and supported hardware and software. When compared with the normal high capital outlay on desktops, laptops, printers, scanners and other associated equipment, not to mention software licenses, the low monthly cost of your Computing 365 Virtual IT Department represents amazing value for money.

Why lease, purchase or hire what is required and then spend a fortune managing it yourself? You can access Computing 365 from just £24.95 per month, scaling the cost against the resources required. Computing 365 includes everything, including hardware maintenance and software management, enabling you to maximise the potential of new business opportunities without unnecessary expenditure.

IT that is tailored to your business

All businesses, new or old, large or small, experience upturns and downturns during the business cycle. Insufficient IT resources can leave you unable to take full advantage of new business potential. Alternatively, a prolonged downturn could mean that your IT department spends a lot of time doing very little.

Computing 365 puts an end to all these doubts and uncertainties. Because you get to specify what is needed at any particular time, you always have the ability to scale IT resources to match your current business parameters and requirements. Thanks to the flexibility offered by Computing 365, your virtual IT department will now be able to actively contribute to the profitability of your company, whatever the circumstances.

Cast iron security with daily backups

If hardware or other equipment malfunctions, it can always be repaired or replaced. If you lose sensitive business data, however, unless it has been securely backed up and archived, it can be lost forever. Customer and supplier data is the lifeblood of any business; if you lose it, your business goes with it.

With Computing 365, you benefit from our daily automatic backup service. Your sensitive business data will be backed up securely and efficiently, enabling it to be restored easily and quickly should it become necessary to do so. No action is required on your part, the whole process being undertaken and facilitated by your virtual IT manager. Capability and functionality can easily be restored in the event of a unexpected data loss or other damaging circumstances.

No more worries; no more sleepless nights. Computing 365 allows you to focus on generating new business and retaining existing clients, safe in the knowledge that your data is always secure.

Protection from malware, viruses and spyware

Whilst today’s technology allows complex digital interaction across the internet, now an essential element of any successful business, that same technology opens up the potential of online threats. Whilst most businesses are familiar with firewalls, anti-virus and malware protection, it is a fact that any protection software is only as good as the person who sets it up. No matter how efficient the software may be, if it is not set up correctly, the threat remains.

Computing 365 includes the latest, state-of-the-art online protection software. Automatically updated, fully optimised and integrated into the Computing 365 infrastructure, our online protection applications enable you to concentrate on maximising the potential of your business, not worrying about whether someone is trying to steal it or spy on it.

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